Convert the html file to aspx file

Hi all,

I have a html file which I need to convert to aspx format and upload on the SharePoint Online of our organisation.

Currently, I am using notepad++ but it is not working while running through orchestrator. Do you have any other choice which I can use to convert and can upload on the SharePoint ?

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Can you share the steps you are doing with Notepad++ and what issue you are facing while running in Orchestrator



Steps are below:

  1. opening the notepad++ application ( seems like the first step is not working ). Using Start Application activity to open the application.
  2. Going to file
  3. clicking on save as
  4. enter the file name
  5. choosing .aspx from the combo box
  6. saving the file in a directory.

Do you have any other way to save the html file to .aspx format instead of notepad++?



below is the exception error : The system cannot find the file specified


Can you try with MoveFile Activity, as below

Hope this may helps you


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@Arabinda_Das - Please give it a try on “Start Process” instead of start application to see if that works…

I will share a screen shot soon

@Arabinda_Das - Please find the starter help here…

Main.xaml (16.3 KB)



Note: I have used “Use Modern for New Projects” options from Settings…which gives Keyboard shortcuts & Use Application/Browser" and before this I choose notepad++ as Default app for HTML files

Feel to modify this, as per your needs…

Thank you so much for help. I have came with another issue while converting an excel file to html file. Do you have any way to convert the excel file to html file (.htm extension) instead of going and opening the excel.

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@Arabinda_Das - You can explore this option

I guess this might not be on my help.
Scenario: I have an excel file that has just one sheet. I want to save that excel file(Rate_Sharepoint.xlsx) in form of an HTML page ( Current_FX_rate.html) and upload this HTML page on SharePoint online.

I want help to convert that excel file and save it as Html file. Can you please provide me a workflow that I can use as a starter?

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