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Hi Team,
I need to read the Excel column and convert it into HTML Format through RPA . Is there any library available to achieve this or How can i implement the above Scenario

I have attached a sample workflow for converting a datatable to html. Hopefully you can modifiy it to suit your needs.

It’s highly based on someone elses work on this forum but I can’t find the post to credit them, so I’m very sorry if the original author finds this!

Main.xaml (13.1 KB)


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I think no need of any lib because read the excel column and the store the value into an variable
construct one string what ever the html format you want and then place your variables in here

Hi Elboy,
In my case the text will be Bold , Italic , Underline and Line break…

This text is bold

This text is italic

and need to return HTML Format like

    <strong>This text is bold</strong>
    <em>This text is italic</em>

I’m not sure I fully understand what you want. Are you saying that you want to read an excel column and then seperate out cells dependant on there formatting?

Is this fine
string ="




yes. Based on the value in the cell(Bold , Italic etc) we need to format

I see, I don’t think there’s anything for detecting format like that in Uipath I know of. You could use a VBA script though. You could write it so that another column is added which has a key for the formatting, so say if the cell is bold this new column would have the letter ‘b’ inputted there.

Then when you use read range you could use that extra column as a classify for a switch or decision tree.

Hi KalyanDev,

Can you elaborate How can i append based on Bold or Italic

Hi @Ellboy,

I am trying to convert a simple text file to html.
Do you have an example ?