Convert String To Data Table Format

abc.txt (54 Bytes)

How can I convert the content inside into data table structure.

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Hi @KahPou_Liew
1.First Read text file activity pass the path of text file and create output variable.
2.Use Generate Data Table Activity in properties pass input for output variable of text file and then create output data table variable.
3.Use write range activity pass the data table variable.

Kommi Jeevan.


Hi Kommi,

Appreciate your quick response. However, my output as below doesn’t meet my expectation.
abc.txt (95 Bytes)

I should have 4 separated columns which is: pet, fruits, column2, column3 respectively.
But except for pet, other 3 columns are sticking together.
Please help to take a look again, much appreciated!!!

Hi @KahPou_Liew,

Use Generate Data Table with setting following formatting options,
Don’t forget to check CSV Parsing & Use Column Headers option as shown in below shot.



Hi Samir,

It worked! Thank you so much. :smiley:

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