Convert only few Excel Column to Number format

Having an Excel file Where i need to convert the columns “T,U,V” to number format.

I have tried using VBA but it didn’t works while running the bot,


So looking for any activity within UiPath to convert the column format.
Please Suggest.

Check with this custom component

Cheers @mayankjha986

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Could you please try with the below code it will convert values from string to number format in case the following statement ActiveSheet.Range(“T:V”).NumberFormat=“0.00” not working.

For Each cell In Worksheets(“Your sheet Name”).Range(“T:V”).Cells
cell.Value = cell.Value


@Palaniyappan Thanks for the reply

But i am looking for any inbuilt UiPath Activity. Can’t install any other package as the one suggested.
Please suggest is any of them can be used.