Change the cell format as number

Hi guys
I want to convert the column format as number
In 1st
photo ‘F’ column the cell format is in text
In 2nd photo ’ F’ column cell is converted into number

I need this thing in uipath. Please help me to solve this

1 St photo →



You can achive this using balaReva excel activities

heres for your reference


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Hi @Aarthy1
Try this one.

Hello @Aarthy1

You can use the Format cell activity to modify the format.

Else you can keep a Excel Template with the required formats and then do write range to that template.


Belarava activity is working for me

great !
please mark it as " SOLUTION "

so other can refer to the answer

thank you

Sorry bela re a activity is not working for me

Duplicate : Change the excel cell in text format to number formate - #3


I need to change the cell format as text to number in uipath
In 1st photo ‘F’ Column is in text formate

I need ‘F’ Column change as in number format like this

Please say some solution of this

Hi @Aarthy1 you can select F columns then go to number group—>click general drop down —> and select numbers to make the columns format text to number.

Hi @Aarthy1
Try this one through invoke code.


Duplicate post :


HI @Aarthy1

Check out this


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Bela rava activity is not work for me

I merged two duplicate topics into the earlier one.

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