Newbie- extraction of pdf data into excel

Good day I am new to UI and I am no programer and I am trying to extract a set of data from a pdf and to use it in excel. I would appreciate some assistance and guidance.

I am using the community version.

Thanking you in anticipation.
Kind regards RL

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You can use the Read PDF Text activity to get the data into text form; then write it to Excel Using Write Range with the range set to cell A1.

Beyond that, if you need the data formatted to fit nicely into Excel (e.g. have table data in the PDF fit into individual cells of a spreadsheet), that will take additional effort and further specifics on your use case.

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Thanks a lot. I just realise that I must download the packages as I did not the “read pdf text” activity available. I am only less than 1 hour into the UIP journey.

Hi @lecroyant

For using “read pdf text” activity, you need to install UiPath.PDF.Activites first.

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