How To Convert Data From PDF To Excel Using UiPath Activities?

How to convert data from PDF to Excel using UiPath Activities?

There is no out-of-the-box solution for this, but there are some development approaches one can follow:

  1. Read PDF Text activity can be invoked (UiPath.PDF.Activities) and use regex to parse through the string, fill the data table based on the requirement/use case
  2. Also if only the text in the PDF is needed, UiPath.PDF.Activities can be installed and Use Read PDF Text Activity to transfer all the data in PDF to text. Then, assign the text to Excel file
  3. If the format in the PDF is also need to be saved into Excel, there is a workaround that use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to convert PDF to excel. License needs to be procured to utilize Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and automate the converting steps
  4. Leverage on the marketplace projects.

Note: Marketplace components are not officially endorsed or supported by UiPath. Contact the project creator for support.