Control - filepicker: How to get the filename

first of all: I like the feature. It is really great!

But while I manage to upload the file into the storage bucket, I can’t get the filename, which I require to download the file.

  • I chose set values and set the filepicker.filename to an argument of the following process.


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Cheers @PeCour

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@Palaniyappan thank you for your help but the thread is about action center. And I am looking into the new control in UiPath Apps. Hence, I have no problem in studio but rather to set the file name in UiPath Apps to a variable.

I realized I should have dragged that into the set values field. Yet, it still doesn’t work. The value won’t set even through the file is uploaded correctly.

@evan.cohen as an Apps expert could you maybe help me please with this new function?

@Palaniyappan I’m having an issue with the variable used to store the file name after retrieving from the storage bucket, everytime I preview the app the variable disappears, have to keep manually adding it back to the ‘Assign file to app variable’ field - is this a known issue?

Hi @PeCour , I was able to identify the problem. Can you please try the following?
In the ‘Upload file to storage bucket’ rule, in the ‘When completed section - Set Value’ rule, instead of setting the process input argument ‘in_dateiname’ with the ‘uploaded file name’, please create an app variable and set the ‘uploaded file name’ to it.

You can then set this app variable to the in_dateiname in the input override of the process. That should work.

In case you still face trouble, kindly let me know.

The yellow circle is an app variable

You can use this app variable to set it to the input argument of the process through input override as shown below

Hi @Seamus_Breslin : Yes, it’s a known issue. We have already made the fix in our lower environments. It should hit the production (Cloud) in a week or two


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Hi @sbreslin : We have fixed the issue and its works fine. You can use the ‘set value’ rule to set the input argument of a process with uploaded file name.

Let me know if you have any additional queries

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