FilePicker control doesnt return full path

I am using the filepicker control in apps and i can navigate and select the file and also access the filename but it doesnt include the full path and I am not finding a way to get it

@corinna.robertson ,

File control does not copy the full path of file, this is just coping content into memory and save it.

If you want to save file path then please save as another input control and enter manually.

However for file name , recommendation is to use unique file name so this will not get overwritten. for this you can generate unique file name as below described.

6.3 To make sure that files do not get overwritten, we recommend keeping the Auto-generate name box checked. If you want to create a name by yourself, uncheck the Auto-generate name box. You can create a specific file name format using Concat functions and add uniqueness to filenames using the guid function. Make sure that filenames are unique so that they are not overwritten with files with the same name.
You can use the following examples to generate a name:

  • concat(filenamewithouttype,"_",guid(),filetype)
  • concat("Photo","_",guid(),filetype)

6.4 Set the uploaded file name to an app variable in the When completed section. To add the file name, drag and drop the Uploaded File Name in the Value field. This way the file name can be sent to automation or used for downloading the file.



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I am not uploading a file, I am using Apps to pass information to the automation (isn’t this precisely the point of apps?), I want the user to be able to select the file for processing and then pass it to the automation. The automation will run unattended once the user selections are made, is there another way of getting user selections at the users desktop and then running the automation unattended elsewhere? You suggest using a different control, what specifically could possibly do this? I do want to contain the user to a specific folder but how? Why have a file picker if it doesn’t give you all of the information?

@corinna.robertson ,

If I understand correctly you want to upload a file and pass to process . Am I right ?

I was hoping to simply identify the file and its location to pass to the process and then have the process pick it up

I am hoping to pass enough information to the process that it can pick up the file

@corinna.robertson ,

Create a storage bucket and then store file in to storage bucket and as said before try to concat unique name for each file and pass file name to process.

Then into process reach file from storage bucket. This should work.


Can I then remove it from the storage bucket to conserve space?

Yes you can remove !!

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