UiPath Apps-File Picker & Storage Buckets - Part 01 | The Basics

Hello Community,

In this video, we integrate a UiPath App with storage buckets created in the Orchestrator.
We then build out the App to upload files to these storage buckets via the File Picker control.
In doing so, the demo attempts to maximize the inherent features of the File Picker control to
build an application that can upload files to storage buckets.

The video track for Part 01 covers the following topics:

  1. 00:20 - Integrate Storage Buckets with a UiPath App
  2. 02:30 - Demo of the Vanilla File Upload UiPath App
  3. 05:00 - Setting up the File Picker control for file uploads
    (also contains a detour on using App variables to ease the design/build experience)
  4. 09:03 - Applying file types and File size limits on the File Picker Control

The App demonstrated from this video can be downloaded from here: