Control 34 Year Old Software with UiPath Studio

During my vacation last week in Lisboa, I remembered one of my first programming environments that I used 34 years ago, Borland Turbo Pascal 3.


Then I wondered if it is still possible to automate it with UiPath Studio, even today. Back at home I tried it out.

It is not possible to execute the old DOS programs, with the extension COM, inside the Windows10 environment. So I needed a DOS runtime environment, I used DOSBox. I downloaded Turbo Pascal 3 as an disc image file and copied all files via 7-zip in a directory. I checked it manually and everything worked fine.


Then came the automation perspective. With simulated keystrokes of the UiPath recorder it is absolut no problem to integrate this kind of applications in an RPA workflow.

Watch this Video.

This little trip back in time was very interesting and fun. It is good to see that even old software can be integrated with UiPath Studio with a little effort.



That’s nice to know


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Amazing stuff @StefanSchnell bro!! It’s so nice to see how modern automation tools interact with good old software…

Thank you for sharing… I’m gonna move this to faq category so we can find your post easily.