UiPath History?


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Am researching RPA in general, and trying to build a timeline - can anyone please tell me the very first version of UIPATH - date of release and version number would be great




Does this help !


Its definitely older than what that page shows. I remember seeing V7.5 in 2014(?). And there was the sdk before that.
Interesting question :slight_smile:
Maybe @ovi could help us with some insider info :wink:


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2004 - web archive would be of help - see Deskperience


2013 - UiPath Studio 6.0 is out replacing our former Screen Scraping Studio (which you may still find embedded as Screen Scraping Wizard) .


2015 - the Back Office Server is out


There's an interesting story rolled out on twitter. AA powered by UiPath technology as old as 2009. :)

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Awesome stuff, exactly what I need - many thanks! Am trying to link RPA to the overall technology timeline from 1964 to present day and your input is brilliant for that




Hey, It will be amazing if you share with us the final result!