Uipath Integration In DOS Operating System

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My question is that can I use Uipath to automate on a DOS operating system or any DOS application software. If yes then what are the limitations.
Please tell me if anyone knows, its urgent. Thanks in advance.



Hi @shivam_rao,
Studio was designed to work with application based on selectors (UiElements) and user interaction. In case of DOS there is only text based operations (commands). I guess you can work with DOS using some “Type Into” activities. But it will not work if DOS is the native system on computer (no windows).


Hi @Pablito,

Thanks for the response. So, what if I use Citrix automation remotely in a DOS operating system. And as you say it can use “Type Into” can I use “Send Hotkeys”?


For remote automation you need to have runtime installed on specific worker from which application is streamed and extension installed on computer with studio. Only then Studio will be able to catch selectors. Otherwise you can only use OCR/Image based activities or CV.

Okay Great. It solved my doubt.


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