Continuing debugging after exception is thrown


Not sure if this makes sense, but here goes,
As far as I am aware, during debug, when exception is thrown, the execution pauses;
pressing continue, step over, step into, step out all does the same thing, the execution “goes upwards” until next sequence, and pauses;
Is it possible to just continue until the next exception is thrown, without pausing like this?
As far as I am aware, the option “continue on exception” just ignores the exceptions


When the exception is thrown the process pauses, but it is possible for you to continue. If you take a step into it leaves the scope that was accusing that the exception occurred in that scope until you get to where you handle the exception. For example if you put a try catch it will leave it and move on to the next action. it makes sense?

Let me explain it better, suppose I have a try catch
within the try are 3 sequences nested inside each other
something like, in pseudocode:

try (
    seq1 (
        seq2 (
                seq3 ( perform actions - exception thrown here )
catch (
    handle exception

if an error is thrown inside the “lowest” sequence - seq3;

if I press continue or step out, the execution advances upwards one sequence, then pauses
i have to press continue another time to go to the next sequence and another time to go to catch

I just want to go to the catch immediately, as with big processes this can get complicated

Is this something that is possible or is there nothing to be done?
In debug mode it always stops and its moving go back…Here is one thing to avoid this is put nested try catch and inner try chatch don’t use throw/rethrow activity in catch block. Then it will not moves backward in case of exception.

the point is not to lose the exception by not using throws, my objective is efficiency and not having to click the same button 5 times to accomplish one action… oh well I guess you can’t have everything

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