Continue on error faster


I am looking to speed up the process when i need the bot to ‘continue when theres an error’, at the min i am waiting for over a minute for the bot to respond and move on to the next activity.

does anyone know how i can speed this process up?

@nick.v you can give Wait For Ready Property as Complete for that Activity , so that It will wait for that Particular thing Until it is Loaded Completely

Set the waitforready to none or interactive and timeout to 0


@supermanPunch @nadim.warsi thank you guys for your help however none of these solutions have actually worked, is there anything else that you would suggest?

@nick.v Can you Describe as to what the Process is , and Where do you want the process to be faster? Also Making the Process to run Fast and making the Process efficient are both not really the same. Both Should be Equally maintained :sweat_smile:

logging into a hr system and navigating to a candidate profile page, when logging in the bot then takes a while before starting to navigate the to appropriate page.
everything works perfectly just the time in between logging in and the start of navigating there is like a minute or so wait before the bot continues to the next stage. @supermanPunch

@nick.v Can you tell me what is the Next Stage ?

@supermanPunch the next stage would be to start the navigation to the candidate profile view. After logging in the bot stops for about a minute

@nick.v Will the Page load completely As soon as you login ?

yeah it does @supermanPunch

@nick.v Well there are times when you see the Page is Loaded but internally the page needs to download it’s contents such as JavaScripts and Stuff, so the bot may wait for it to load Completely to Identify the Next Stage Selector that you might have defined for the Next Activity

@supermanPunch i agree an understand your point but surely over 1 minute is a long time for it all to load

@nick.v But by Default the Bot Takes around 30 Secs if you Don’t Specify the Timeout

i changed the timeout to 0 but it still took over a minute to move on to the next stage @supermanPunch

Anyone figured this out? I have the same problem …