Context Aware Anchor 사용법을 아시는 분 계실까요?

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혹시 아시는 분 계실까하여 글을 남겨봅니다.

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Try this

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문서상 내용이 빈약해서 추가정보를 얻을수 없을까요

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Context Aware Anchor in UiPath is a useful feature that allows users to find UI elements on a webpage or application, even if the layout or position of the element changes. This feature is especially helpful in automating processes that require clicking or selecting elements on a webpage or application that may shift or move around based on various factors such as screen resolution or browser size.

The traditional way of locating UI elements in UiPath involves using fixed selectors that identify the element based on its location or properties. However, when the location or properties of an element change, the fixed selector becomes invalid and the UiPath robot is unable to locate the element, causing the automation process to fail.

Context Aware Anchor overcomes this limitation by providing a more flexible way to locate UI elements. With this feature, UiPath users can define a search area around the UI element they want to interact with. The robot then searches for the element within this search area, rather than relying on a fixed selector.

To use Context Aware Anchor in UiPath, the user must first identify a reliable anchor element, which is an element that is close to the element they want to interact with and has a fixed selector that does not change. The UiPath robot uses this anchor element to locate the search area and then searches for the target element within the search area.

Context Aware Anchor is an important feature in UiPath because it allows users to automate processes that involve dynamic UI elements. This feature ensures that the UiPath robot can reliably locate and interact with the elements on a webpage or application, even if their location or properties change. By using Context Aware Anchor, UiPath users can save time and effort by automating complex processes that would be difficult or impossible to perform manually.

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There are many discussions about that, you can check those and get some references, example:

So please focus on the documentation

A container that searches for a UI element by using pairs of targets and anchors for greater precision. The advantage this activity has over the Anchor Base activity is that it does not require an anchor to be unique.

basically it will be more dinamically to use and implement in out projects, normal activities will lock us to select an unique element, with this activity the element could be unique or not, so it will take more than one anchor in order to get more precisition


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