Consolidated file to individual per sheet

how to separate individual excel sheet

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UiPath Community 20.4 Stable Release

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Apr '20 - UiPath Community 20.4 Stable Release UiPath Community 20.4 Stable Release Update - 20.4 Stable Release is now live Studio UiPath Studio 20.4 delivers major new capabilities and usability improvements including governance support to deploy the same code conventio…

How to merge the 2 excel sheet without using Merge Data-table activity?



Jul '19 - Hi all, Merge the separate EXCEL files to a single EXCEL file The individual excel names should be the sheet name in the merged excel file Merged file should be named as ‘result’ can any one help me…

Confusion in Assignment - 2 Walkthrough

LearnAcademy Feedback

Mar '19 - Yes, create two separate REFramework projects with respective names. Once you create REframework template, it’ll automatically create its own separate config excel sheet. Dispatcher part will be used for fetching the data from website and adds up to the queue on the Orchestrator. Performer part w…

How to Extract information from an excel sheet of a particular format



May '18 - [image|634x441](upload://lQ5QQb74a6bqDy7P (121.3 KB) qNDRLnHhXg8.png) Hello, This is how my input file looks like (PFA the image). I need to separate different sections in this sheet so that I could work individually on them or maybe work on it without separating the same. I have the “p…

How save “received date” for Outlook Email to a variable?


Jul '19 - My current process is: Get Outlook mail (unread only) > > output all mails to text file > > save each individual mail date as a separate date variable > > use switch to capture all details in email table and transfer to Excel How do I achieve the bolded step above and format it as 10 July 2019 ? …

Robot groups for assets / asset sharing



Apr '18 - Hi guys, I also potentially like the idea of process specific assets. So for example, rather than having to search through each individual asset you are presented with a grid (ala table) with each of the settings that only apply to that specific process. @Mihai_Dunareanu For me this could potenti…

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