How save "received date" for Outlook Email to a variable?

My current process is:

Get Outlook mail (unread only) >> output all mails to text file >> save each individual mail date as a separate date variable >> use switch to capture all details in email table and transfer to Excel

How do I achieve the bolded step above and format it as 10 July 2019 ?

Question 2: How do I save to a networked drive if there is no direct link/URL I can use?

Question 3: How do I filter the current balance for a certain category in Excel, grab the Balance, email to XX recipients at the last step?

Problem is, each email is for a certain category, but they are all consolidated in 1 Excel sheet. Filtering the balance for Category A based on the consolidated sheet seems tough.

Hi @auto,

  1. image
  2. You can map network drive on your computer, assign the letter to that drive and then save data from Studio like it’s normal local drive.
  3. I think there are some topics about it on forum already. Try to search :slight_smile:
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Thanks for the reply!

I am unable to map the drive as it is a work laptop and my IT department has restricted me from doing so. Is there any workaround?

How normally are you uploading files? Try “programming” UiPath workflow so it will perform the same action you are doing manually. Like:

  1. Open page/application
  2. Select files saved in folder (locally)
  3. Upload

The normal way is
Open Windows Explorer
Click through all the sub-folders (as mentioned there is no direct link and even if there is, it doesn’t work)
save file here

Is there a faster way to do this?
If not, how do I validate whether I am navigating the right sub-folder since my directory structure always changes?

You could keep each folder location in variable and then navigating base on this. But yes if you can’t map network drive use of some click activities seems to be solution here. As you said, IT put restriction on other way to access this drive so how UiPath could omit this?