How to merge Data into one excel sheet

Hi guys,

I am not able to extract the data from multiple Excel sheet.
Requirement -
Have 10 different excel sheet in which data is available.
Need to consolidate excel sheet data into one excel sheet.

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Hi @Abhishek_sinha

Use Excel application scope and pass workbook variable and then use for each item in wb.GetSheets use read range and pass the item in sheetname and then use merge datatable activity and pass the dt1 and dt2 to source and destination property and then use write range activity


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Thanks, but how to pass workbook variable, what would be the variable type here.

Hi @Abhishek_sinha

There is a property by name workbook press Ctrl+K and set a variable as Wb
it will default create a workbbok variable

Ashwin S


As I can understand, wb.getsheets will give us the sheetname of that particular excel.
But we have a data in different Excel.
Example -
abc.xls - Sheet2 - need to read.
def.xls- sheet 5 - need to read.
ghi.xls - sheet4 - need to read
All those excel ->sheet , data need to consolidate in one excel.

If possible could you share the workflow for the same, please !

Hi @AshwinS2
Please help…

Kindly have a view of this thread

Cheers @Abhishek_sinha

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Data.xlsx (12.4 KB) MergeExcelSheets.xaml (9.1 KB)

Please have a look…!


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