Confusion in Assignment - 2 Walkthrough

I am little confused for assignment 2. Do we need to create two frameworks one for Dispatcher and second for Performer and create two config excel.


2nd for Performer


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You have to create two projects or processes.

Dispatcher - which uploads work items to Queue
Performer - which processes the items uploaded to Queue by Dispatcher

While submitting assignmetns - Zip both processes.

Karthik Byggari


@KarthikByggari Thanks so much for your fast response. :slight_smile:

Yes, create two separate REFramework projects with respective names. Once you create REframework template, it’ll automatically create its own separate config excel sheet.

Dispatcher part will be used for fetching the data from website and adds up to the queue on the Orchestrator.
Performer part will execute the transactions after picking individual request from the Orchestrator.

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@singhonkar; So do we need to create two Queue in the orchestrator one for Dispatchers and other for Performer.
Or both Dispatcher and Performer will share the same Queue Name?

As I created one : -

No. Only one Queue is required in Dispatcher.
In Performer, you need to share the same queue name. Once you trigger performer bot, it’ll read request one by one.

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Okay, Thanks bro :slight_smile: