Consolidate 3 or more excel sheets into 1 sheet with given template

Hello. I am a student and currently working on a school project where I have to consolidate multiple excel sheets into one sheet. I am still baffled on how to solve dynamic row, not being on the first cell or A1 and copy the entire data table to a given template with a header.

I will be providing some pictures to make this understandable.

You are given this template to consolidate all the data table and append them under.

There will be multiple sheets that look like this, the task is to copy the data table and paste them under the template given.

Please take note that in ‘Form C’, the row will not be fixed but I’m guessing between A5 to A8.

This will be the concluded result or how it should look like.

The excel file if you wish to experiment with it. Please let me know the solution as well. Thank you very much!

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HI @Dyoneus

Check this post, If it would solve your requirement

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Thank you @Vishal_K

It has helped me solve my issue.

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