Help on Excel data summarize

Hi Buddies,
The scenario is , I have 4 excel files (same template but diff contents) 5 sheets in each, there’re several person responsible to update those spreadsheets without any duplicated row or column. I have to combine all updated files into one regularly(same template as well ), the rows are disorganized but same in each sheet from the individual file. how to do that in a simple way?

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Hello there :slightly_smiling_face:
You could try to create a datatable for each sheet (if they have the same name in all the excel files) then you will have all of them in differents datatables and finally i could use the “Write range” activity sending the datatable values to excel per sheet.

Hopes it helps.

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As you mentioned this
We need to open the excel file and copy them with hot keys like ctrl+c and open the final new excel file and press ctrl+v with send hot key activity

If the file has rows organized then we could use read range and Merge datatable activity
As it is not we need to validate forts how it would be done manually

If by manually we would have used the above mentioned method of copy and paste
And we can replicate the same steps with uipath as well
If not we need to find other ways if we want to manually