Connecting with Assistant and Robot - Robot Does Not Exist - Persistent Error

There is a bug whereby Assistant an Robot/Orchestrator Settings seem to contradict each other.

  • If you ‘Sign In’ to Orchestrator with Assistant and fail
  • later, if you connect successfully with Robot/Orchestrator Settings
  • you get Robot Does Not Exist error both in Studio and Assistant

It seems as if the error persists within Assistant.
It seems as if the error should be written over once there has been a successful connection through Robot/Orchestrator Settings … yes ?

The only way I could solve this problem was by Signing Out from within Assistant.
( please note Disconnecting from with Assistant did not clear the error … I had to Sign Out from within Assistant )

Incredibly frustrating … I spent days working this out. Hope you can fix it.


Check below documentation for connecting to orchestrator

If it didn’t helps, share your error screenshot

Hope this helps you



I have managed to connect to Orchestrator.
I was just reporting this as a bug.
It really is a bug.

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Is this still the case for you on the latest version?