Connecting uipath to github

Hi Connections
im unable to login , i gave correct username password, how to resolve this

Hi @Tejaswini_Yadav

Please ensure you are entering correct credentials.

Kindly refer the below one for more details,

Thank you.

I had similar issue when I tried connect VS Code to github. I don’t know why but I generated personal token and it was works :slight_smile:


Hi @Tejaswini_Yadav & @pikorpa ,

Follow this steps to connect with GitHub

  1. Navigate to git init option(HOME → Team → Git init)

  2. Now select the project folder ( Current Working project)

  3. Now commit changes window will appear. Enter any commit message and click commit and push

  4. Now you have enter the repository name and URL which you have to get from your GitHub. (GitHub repository name and URL) and save.

5)After that, it may ask for the username and token.
For Username, enter your GitHub mail id
For Token, in GitHub goto Settings-> Developer Settings → Generate Token and copy that value and paste it in the token field.

Done! Your GitHub repository is connected with UiPath.

Let me know, if you face any issues.


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Hey @Robinnavinraj_S
I had this issue and for me helped only personal token. Looks like it’s related with 2FA on a GitHub Account:

The “remote: invalid username or password” error informs you that you have incorrectly authenticated to a Git server.
To solve this error, make sure that you have used the right username and password and that you are trying to access a Git repository using the correct URL. If you have 2FA enabled, make sure you authenticate using a personal access token instead of your password.

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Thank You for all your Suggestions

Try with personal tokens. I don’t know why but it works.

I had the same issue when I was enabled Two-factor authentication.
Only personal token works fine.

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