Unable to init a GIT - Authentification failed


I was going to connect a RPA project with my git repo. Was doing it step by step with the document “Managing Project with GIT” from UiPath.
At the end, I always get the “Authentification failed”-message and couldn’t initialize it.
My user and password were 100% typped in correctly. Because the troubleshooting from UiPath docs is “Check the username or password”…
How can i handle this problem? I’m relatively new to working with Github… Hope you can help.

Hi @melanie.p,
Could you give us more details? Some screenshots might help us to identify the problem.

Hi @Pablito,
So I was going to connect my RPA project with my private repo on GitHub. Therefore I was going to Studio and clicked on “Teams” and “GIT Init”. There I select the root folder and get to “Manage Remotes”-Window, where I put the URL of my private repo in GitHub.

After that I click save and it try to push and commit to the repo. At this point I get the Authentification failed-message and have to check my credentials. But I can ensure, that these are right.


So there’s where I get stucked, because it’s not going to connect…

I also facing the same issue. Can anybody help in this.

Please watch this video

In github click on clone repository, you’ll get the credentials there. You should use that one.

Or you can create a token there and use it for authentication.

Both are unique key generators.

Thanks for your commit. But that won’t help. It’s the exact same method as the docs provided from UiPath. It’s not that I or we don’t understand how to connect but the problem we’re facing with authentification via GitHub when our credentials are typed in right and we have enough rights to do so.

What do you mean with credentials? Possibly the HTTPS link? Because that one I already used…

I can try creating a token, will tell if it has worked for me. Thanks a lot.

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This is the reason


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i am a first time user, also unable to push in github. it is showing this–

problem arise after i gave my username and password of github to connect with uipath.