I'm trying to push my uipath project into Git repository with credentials, giving authentication error

I’m trying to push my uipath project into git, while entering username and password(Git credentials) it is giving authentication error but when I’m doing it with Git token it is able to publish.
now. I’m not able to understand what is the real problem, I login into Git with same credentials(so basically there is no issue with credentials)

the credentials for GIT login and for clone repository are different.

Gp tp your Repository in Git, click on Clone repository, there you will see generate Credentials option, that are the credentials needed for cloning and working with repository. The user id is static, password is generated every time you click, Generate Credentials in Clone Repository

what git repository are you using? GitHub, GitLab, VSTS, etc? Make sure your git provider supports user/password authentication. If you are using GitHub this was deprecated a few months ago.

This is the reason we need to use token as password

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