Connect to mysql

how to connect to database mysql

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It can be done with database activities
That is in studio go to Design tab → Manage Packages → in Official tab search for UiPath.Database activity package as install it

—once after installing in studio search as EXECUTE QUERY activity in activity panel
Where click on Configur connection and mention the server name, username and password, database name
And then click on test connection which will help you know whether it’s connected successfully or not

Then we can execute sql statements in it

Cheers @yusufs.adi

Hi ,
with addition to @Palaniyappan comment

i hope you have to have MySQL Connector and need to create user/system DSN
[ODBC Driver]MySQL :: Download Connector/ODBC

like this ?

what the next?

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why my user cant showing in config ?

in uipath


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hi @yusufs.adi
uipath supports for 32bit platform
just install the 32 bit driver and create dsn in 32bit platform , then it will be shown

oke, thaks @Maneesha_de_silva

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just check and let us know , you are always welcome

@yusufs.adi -

Open ODBC Data source → Go to System DSN → Click on Add → Choose “MYSQL ODBC 8.0 Unicode Driver” → Click on Finish…

MySQL Connector/ODBC data source configurations window will be appear.
Provide MYSQL details and click on Test button to verfiy connectivity.

PS; Creating in ‘System DSN’ will be common for all users(respecitve machine).

Kindly have a view on this for more details

Cheers @yusufs.adi

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