How to connect client sql through uipath

Hi ,Am unable to connect client mysql server through uipath but its not connecting please help me out in this.I tried by giving connection string also not accepting,continously getting error.I can connect in mysql application but i would like to access directly and this server only works under VPN.

Have you tried these methods?

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You can use Database activity to connect to mysql.
*Need to add ODBC Data source for mysql first.

Please refer at below

Yes I know, the link i gave for the first showed that

I can easily connect mysql server thruogh uipath only if i have it in my machine through odbc connector but the thing is i wants to connect/access directly from other system means client mysql server .

Do you mean a remote server?

remote server means connecting client server

Thanks for your response i found solution based on your explanation.

Oh which one helped you out? Mind marking it as a solution so others who face the same will know as well!