Is it possible to connect to mysql database using uipath? If yes? How to connect to MySQL Database?



I have my existing database in created in mysql. I searched for various solutions for my problem, but it seems like there is no option to connect to mysql. All the solutions what I got were to connect to microsoft sql server or oracle.
Please provide a detail solution about it. If possible .xaml file will be helpful. Also, if need to install any other third party application, please provide link for that too.
Thanks in advance


yes, we can connect with oracle database after installing Oracle client version 8.0.17 and above

while connecting define TNS settings in connecting string and provider name is oracle client


I install Oracle Client and database connection got successfull from ODBC. But I’m unable to connect through UiPath yet.

Also, Here Oracle MySql Option is not displaying.


Check if this site help. I will try and will post it later.


Already tried this solution, same error… Waiting for more detailed answer.


No need to select connection wizard there, choose option from lat dropdown

make sure TNS settings should be saved in the oracle folder


This thread will help you.

First install the MySQL-ODBC connector from here

Make sure you download the 32 bit version as it seems UiPath is compatible with 32bit driver version. After that follow the thread.