Confusion Regarding Using the Configuration File

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I have made an automation based on the ReFrameWork and also used to Config.xlsx file. Afterwards, I publish the process and download the updated version in my second laptop in the UiPath Robot icon from the tray. Now the Config.xlsx file is part of the nuget “package”. My question is how can I use this Config file in the second laptop? Even if I extract the nuget package, the UiPath Robot will use the Config file in the “package” and not in the extracted folder.

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You will simply need to change the path of the config file in the ReFramework to be a non-relative path.
Your path is probably currently “Data\Config.xlsx”, having it non-relative will look like “C:\Somewhere\Config.xlsx”.

Setting up the config file will become a prerequisite to have the Robot working.

You can set this path configurable from an asset, in case you would like to change it back later.



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