Config file


can anyone give me an detailed explination for config file ?

can i know what is in_configSheets and in_configfile and from where do we need to fetch them ?


We can store the value repeatedly using from in our project.

Hello @priya_joshi_thaneti,

Config file is use to store variable, assets which used in Orchestrator and standard configurations (to handle system/business process erros). Using config file you can re-use these variables, assets thought your automation project.


You can find Config file in the data folder of ReFramwork when you create new automation project in UiPath using highlighted option in below screen print or you can download ReFramework from here GitHub - UiPath/ReFrameWork: Robotic Enterprise Framework Template

I would recommend you to go though Level 3 - Advance Training before start working on ReFramework.

You can find more details about ReFramework on below URL.

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Attached is the config file which is auto generated from when you create RE Framework project

Test Config.xlsx (19.9 KB)

But you can always create your own according to requirements. This is the workflow you can use to extract all the info from a config file

InitAllSettings.xaml (18.0 KB)

Again you can modify this according to your use. Its not necessary that you should use Config file in REFramework only you can use it in other projects as well

Hope it helps

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Thank you much @NavneetPanpaliya