Moving production robot between machines

We have an unattended production robot which normally runs on its own machine in our production environment. If want to debug one of its tasks in Studio on my local machine, I can start UIPath Studio using runas to run as the robot AD user, so I can connect to DBs etc… but then how do I configure the robot in orchestrator? Currently when I try to start studio I get The Robot is not connected to Orchestrator, or there is a licence version mismatch.

I think the thing I need to know (anyway) is what are the steps involved in orchestrator and on the machines for moving a robot from one machine to another.

If I wanted to run

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First disconnect the previous machine from Orchestrator and configure new machine in Orchestrator and assign Robot to it. And then it will be connected. Please check below thread to connect your Robot machine with Orchestrator.

First thing is that remember unattended and studio means different licenses
So u don’t need to disconnect ur unattended robot when u have studio license

Next things is if u wanna switch license between 2 machines of studio robot then only u need to disconnect your existing robot from robot tray.

To connect the studio robot with anotger machines u have to create a robot for that machine the license type as studio

Then you were able to connect.
If u having trouble with creating robot , try below video