Config Variable Used In REFramework?

  1. Config variable declared!
  2. out_Config argument declared with the value of Config variable
  3. out_Config is generated and filled with data.

It seems that Config is not used during Init or during Process Data but just only out_Config.
Even calling config.xlsx file, REFramework used “in_ConfigFile”.
So, my question would be…

  1. Is there any place where Config variable is used in REFramework?
  2. If not, how about just not declaring it and not using it so newbie like me gets not confused?
    For example, in the pic 1, no need to declare. In the pic 2, no need to put as a value because it is empty and Out_Config is already declared as Dictionary type.

First, Config loads all settings.
Second, if you check arguments for the default Process.xaml workflow, you can see Config being passed in.
Next, check the InitAllApplications.xaml - you will need to pass in the Config

Technically, you can pass the Config values to be be used with any of your processes.

For example you can use the Config(“TimeoutMedium”).ToString and pass it into one of your xaml files to be used as a Timeout value for FindImage activity.

It isn’t a good idea to pass the entire config collection in and out of your workflows. That would be very inefficient because not all workflows will use all settings.

The question becomes, what settings are you storing in Config and how your’re going to use them in your processes?

Here is how Config is being passed to GetTransaction.xaml


Thank you for answering!

  1. In initAllSettings.xaml, I see Out_Config is being filled with all the data in config.xlsx. But I can’t find where Config is being filled. Isn’t it just an empty dictionary?
  2. And if it is just an empty variable, what’s the point of passing it? There must be no error even if Config is not passed, I guess.
  3. Is there anyway that I can pull out a list of where a variable is used within a process? Now, I am checking every activity to look for a variable to be used. :grinning:


Open Main.xaml

Click on Init

You will find a series of activities

Open the one in the middle

You should find the entire sequence to load data from all 3 sheets from the config excel.

Thank you! Andy!