in_Config("VarName").ToString not working

Hello everyone!

im using the REFramework and i created a variable inside the config file within the “settings” sheet.
Within the InitAllApplications file i invoke a file that needs the variable from the settings. So at the arguments i assign the Variable with “in_Config(“VarName”).ToString” as seen here:

But I get this Error. I tried a lot of stuff so far, but I am not familiar enough yet with the REFramework to figure this out.


If I try to print out the ToString, i get the exact same Error.

Mahrie :bear:

I also looked at this link here:

But it did not helped, my files look the ones in the screenshots, but it still wont work.

Hi! @mahrie

have you set Direction of the config file for the variable ACME_URL as out?


Where exactly do i do that?

Well, where you created the ACME_URL as a Argument set that direction is out.


I did not created it inside of the UiPath files. I only did it inside the config.xaml file. The before posted link only says to use Config("VarName").ToString to you use it.
Where do i have to create the variable? And if i do so, whats the point of the config file, if i need to create the variable within the code anyways?

Mahrie :bear:

I think it’s the other way around

I hope @mahrie you are passing that inconfig value to that invoked workflow acme login
So that direction is correctly mentioned as IN as you are passing INSIDE The workflow

Check with the INVOKE WORKFLOW file activity where you are reading the config file
There while importing argument you must send the config variable outside that workflow so that it can be used anywhere in the process
So that direction should be OUT

To be very simple
Whenever you are passing a value to a workflow through invoke workflow activity the direction should be IN
If you are getting some value from a workflow and try to using all over the project then the direction should be OUT

Check accordingly so that you wil get an idea


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Thanks, i will try that!

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Is it this you ment? @Palaniyappan

And this is the InitAllSettings from the REFramework:

If i understood right, its how you explained it.

And this is probably how the InitAllApplication gets the Config Data? Do i have to set that variable to something specific or leave it empty?

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You have that out_config right
What is the variable name of that you are passing
The second image is cut in right side
That’s the variable we need to use

That variable you have to pass in acme login

Cheers @mahrie

Dear Mahrie,

Under InitAllSettings ,check whether you have this out_Config and Config:

Pass this Config variable to the workflow where you are retrieving the URL like below:

Make sure, you must have defined the Key-Value pair for the URL in Config.xls of REFramework:

Then Retrieve the URL in_Config(“ACME_URL”).ToString.

Geetishree Rao

Why does your value say “config”?
Mine looks like this:

I did not put those values, there where there since the beginning. I started a new automation by clicking this:

Dear Mahrie,

Yes…same REFramework.
If You go to Main Page and check the variables under Variables,you will Find Config which is globally used across all workflows.
InitAllSettings fetches the values from the config excel and assigns it to Config dictionary.
So please use that variable and the error will go.
Since it is not getting the object,you are getting reference error

Geetishree Rao

The below image to this text shows the argument panel inside the workflow where we are reading the config

What we need to do is while invoking that workflow with a INVIKE WORKFLOW File activity we need to assign that out_config to a dictionary variable named config

That is we are getting the value from that workflow - OUT direction

Now we can use that Config variable and pass that to Acme login workflow to a IN Argument which you have already defined

That is replace that in_config with variable name config

Cheees @mahrie

UiPath won’t let me set a value for “out_Config” within “InitAllSettings.xaml”

And it seems that “Config” for me, isnt part of the Framework cuz it can’t find that Var:

You are inside that workflow
We won’t be able to create there

We have to create in INVOKE WORKFLOW FILE activity
There in that activity click on import arguments and there you can create a variable named config

Cheers @mahrie

So it is Config(“ACME_URL”).ToString when using the config on Main /REF Level and passing it to another workflow within an invoke workflow file and its arguments

They just said I should do it in the InitAllSettings.xaml.

Now you say I should not do it there. I’m really getting confused here.

Here is the Error again I’m getting when trying to run the “InitAllApplications.xaml” file:

I changed nothing on the Framework, so I don’t think it’s a problem within the Framework.
In the config file the value i want has the name “ACME_URL”

Dear Mahrie,
You cannot do in Init xaml.Please do it in the Main.xaml -Initiallization block-Invoke Workflow-InitSttings


I would say that I do have it that way.

The screenshot is from within “InitAllApplications.xaml”