Do you still use Config.xlsx?

We are thinking of moving variables out of the Config.xlsx, except for the REFramework ones.
Is it feasible to have all robots use the same Config file, or would errors occur when multiple robots read from the same file simoultaneously?

Also, when moving variables out of the Config.xlsx, we would do it to use assets instead.
Assets should hold all variables that are used by multiple processes, robots.
All variables local to a robot should be declared and have its value set in the “Default Value” window of Studio Workflow design. We would use assign only when changing an already declared variable’s value.
Any thoughts on our approach?

@Mikkel_Nielsen - This is discussed in detail in the below post. Hope it helps.

and in this.

@Mikkel_Nielsen A couple of thoughts on the use of Default values to hold the robot’s “hard” variables: It’s basically hard-coding the values, which isn’t usually a great idea. At a minimum it does at least keep all the values in one place, but the variables displayed in the variable window depend on what the scope of the variable is and which sequence container you currently have selected, so it’s easy to miss some.

The other downside is that if you ever need to change one of those values (for example a file path to an input folder), then the automation will need to be re-published and re-released via Orchestrator. If the config file is external to the package, then you can alter the config without re-publishing.

Depending on how you look at it and how secure the config file is, that could be a good thing or a bad thing :slight_smile: