Conditions for "flow decision" when finding images

hi, i am having problem with the condition in task “flow decision”. I found an image on broswer and wanted to check if it was found; If yes, click on the found image, if not, run again. But I don’t know what the conditions at task “flow decision” (red square) should be to fill properly, I have tried many ways on the internet but still have errors. Sorry I’m new. If yes, please make a specific tutorial.

The output of the preceding activity, “find image” should give you a Boolean variable containing True or False. All you need to put in this box is the variable that stores the output from the “find image” activity.


The output of previous activity would give you a uielement if found …so you can use the following condition…say the output variable is varOutput then IsNothing(varOutput) will give true if image not found and will give false if image found…it might fail if not found so either go with try catch around it or use continue on error

Hope this helps



First, it’s probably necessary to set True at ContinueOnError property in FindImage activity, because it throws error if cannot find target image. let’s say uie as FoundElement
Then set uie isnot Nothing at Condition proerty in FlowDecision.
Finally we can use just Click (not Image click) with uie.

Mock sample (6.8 KB)


Thanks, problem solved

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