Conditional validate of input data from excel/DT on UiPath Forms


I am trying to validate data from excel/DT on UiPath Forms.

I have a DT with UserName and Password(predefined username and passwords data)
So, I am trying to validate inputs of username and password filed on UiPath Forms, from the DT.

I have created one but it won’t work… as I want to validate on runtime and if it’s failed it should ask to enter the correct credentials.

cred.xaml (15.0 KB)

Looking forward to your valuable inputs.

@Vajrang @loginerror @Palaniyappan

I dont understand what do you want to do… can you please clarify.

So you already have DT with all credentials, and with this you want to check are they valid.


After that, what do you want to do?



What I am trying to do is a login validation check, where credentials(login id and password) are already in my DT.

I am using UiPath Forms to get inputs(id and password) and then want to validate if it’s correct then will process further if not then want the user to enter the correct credentials.

aham, so if I understood well.

You want to re-pop up enter credentials?
how many times? it is not good practice to do this endlessly…
Am I right?


yes correct! want to re-pop 3 times.

I was trying with retry scope but failed.

So I am trying with the google form, and there are problems, can you use input dialog?

I have shared a sample project with my query post.

through the input dialog box, it won’t fulfil my requirement in one go, coz I believe via input dialog, 1st It will ask user id and then validate it and the will ask password validate it. right?

  1. you can add 2 input dialogs in a row
  2. I made it work, Ill share workflow in a couple of minutes.

Solution is here. Let me know does it suits you. (6.2 KB)

@indrajit.shah is it working?
If it is, mark it as a solution.

sorry for the delay.

This is not what I wanted, but it helped me to fix the problem :slight_smile: so thank you very much.

That is important :slight_smile:

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