Uipath form - Automate diffrent log in process by reading credentials from excel

I want to automate a log in process where in a excel columns have the details such as site, Name, username, password.

The bot should read this and show in Uipath form to enable user to select the site and Name. Then it should log in the webpage and key in the credentials in excel for selected Name.

Please help

Anyone have the idea?

Hi @SAmigo,

You can put all the infomation in the excel,

Then retrive and filter for the site/username you want and use a Flowchart to choose a different subprocess per site

If you have some point not clear, you can ask futher questions

I have given all info in a file… I need the bot to read and display in ui user form so the user can select the site and Name… Then based on selection the username and password need to be copied in sites for login.
. @Gabriele_Camilli

I’m new at uipath and the following issue I face to achieve above automation -

  1. Inputting data from excel to uipath form drop down
  2. Getting username /password based on selection of site name and name from 1 above.

Hi @SAmigo,

If i were in you i would do the following:

  1. Get all data from excel
  2. Per Each Row of the Excel i would create an Array of String Site - User
  3. i Would pass the array to an Input Dialog for the user to select