Load Excel Instancs at Run time for Data


I have to implement a complex excel validation loginc in UiPath. Instead of doing, I think if I can load excel filled with formula, puts my input data and get the new output data.

is there a way to load an excel filled with formula at run time, puts some value in specific Column and retrieve the formula calculated other column value at Run time.

Let’s say:

I am having few formula/logic for input data number in an excel. Like If No of Occurance 13. It falls on 10-20 Bracket. And I am validating all 13 records programmatically. Now If 4 out 13 are failed I will be taking additional occurrence based on excel formula and will validate again.

Pls suggest right approach to do this.

Hello p4uk80,

  1. You can write cell say A2 with the formula and do copy paste range (activity) for all 13
  2. Try to paste a Vlookup formula so that the formula will return a “yes” or “No” validation
    in the next cell say B2 - B13.
  3. Now you can filter column B with “No” value
  4. Check the count of datatable if its greater than 4 do the validation again.