Conditional to wait until website loaded

I’m trying to program an activity in an Oracle application, but to open Oracle takes sometimes and unexpected time. In some cases one min. and in some much more which the process breaks and creates an error.

The process works as follows:

  • From a website you click Oracle
  • Oracle opens open (Citrix environment). This can take between > 1 min
  • With ‘click image’ commands I continuo with the process

It is possible to create a wait conditional? so that if the ‘click image’ works then continue otherwise wait for x seconds?


hi @selrac

For this environment you can use “On Image appear” Activity and capture loaded site image in citrix. or you can consider :Retry Scope Activity as well and pass number of retries based on your requirement and please note retry scope only takes image exists activity or Boolean value.



Thanks, that worked perfectly

I need to Click on Excel Icon


and click on open in Launch. ICA

if I get below error I need to loop the above steps which means ( open excel icon again and open in launch) till the excel is loaded how can I loop the same


Hey @oodaikiran

Have you got a chance to look into Retry Scope Activity?

The Condition of the Retry Scope accepts only an activity that returns a boolean value (such as Element Exists, Text Exists, OCR Text Exists or Image Exists). Using one of these, the actions you declare will be retried as long as the condition is not met or a error is thrown


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