If condition to update column in Excel

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My question here is ( For instance, Complete process run without any error is there a way through which I could get to know the process run was success.

Secondly , Now if I use If activity what should I write on the condition that the process run was successful so yes else No

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That’s a good practice indeed
—so in the very beginning use a assign activity with a Boolean variable like this
Bool_processsuccess = False

Then at the last stage use again a assign activity and mention like this
Bool_processsuccess = True

Now use a if condition like this
Bool_processsuccess = True
If true it will go to THEN part where we can send our self a mail that process got completed successfully or will go to ELSE part where we mention in mail as not successful

To make use of it wisely keep the whole above process in TRY block of TRY CATCH ACTIVITY
While in the CATCH block use again a assign activity with same Boolean variable like this
Bool_processsuccess = False

The reason is if it fails the Boolean will get assigned as False

Here use another send mail activity and mention that process failed unfortunately in mail Body

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First add one new column in the excel file like Status to update success or Fail and read one by one row process it. Based on result update status either success or Fail. Then you will get to know its success or Failed.

I am not sure how to perform this…can you please provide a xaml file showing logic so that I can create it as per my case…only portion were I am getting stuck is what should I give the condition in if statement.

The complete process I created is under for each row loop so what should be the condition

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Kindly share your xaml so that I can apply and send it back
Cheers @jimmy_jos1