Concurrent robot without Orchestrator

Hello everyone,

I have one doubt for which I could not get an answer in any of the threads.

Can anyone tell me whether concurrent robots work without orchestrator?

thanks in advance

Hi Pradi,
I assume, by concurrent robot, you mean concurrent runtime. Concurrent Runtime is applicable for unattended Robots.
Trigger the jobs from robot tray or from command prompt.

If you want to start from command prompt, please refer to below command:

UiRobot.exe -file “%HOMEPATH%\Documents\UiPath\test_debugging\Main.xaml”UiRobot.exe -f “%HOMEPATH%\Documents\UiPath\test_debugging\Main.xaml”`


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What about Attended Concurrent?Would the Orchestrator be required for that?

thank you.

Looking for an answer to the same question. For Attended Concurrent would Orchestrator be required? If not, how the concurrent Attended licenses are controlled?

Hi @trajavel

Attended Concurrent licenses are only available together with Orchestrator.


Hi @loginerror Thanks for the quick reply. How can we start attended robot using .net (C# code)? We can start from a command prompt as mentioned in this post. We are looking for ‘safe’ code in .net, so that we can start the robot and get the status if the robot is running. Appreciate if a sample c# code snippet available for the same.

@trajavel -

  1. Without Orchestrator the robot can not be started from C# code.
  2. Concurrent License concept is only when we use Orchestrator. If the robot is not connected to Orchestrator, as per licensing terms and conditions it is allowed to run only one robot at a time on a particular machine.