Concurrent Robot License

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do the attended concurrent robot licenses need an orchestrator installation? or can the concurrent licenses work without the orchestrator.

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No need of orchestrator for concurrent robot license.

@lakshman , thank you for your response. So lets say we have 2000 employees that are supposed to perform a manual task. If we purchase 50 attented concurrent licenses and deploy a RPA process manually in the packages folder on each employees machine with installed UiPath Robot. How will UiPath confirm the number of licenses being used at a given time?


Please check attached document for your reference.

UiPath Licensing - Licensing (292.1 KB)

Hi @haider8645

For now the attended concurrent works only with Orchestrator. It makes more sense to be like this especially in enterprise environments, since the Robots will be connected to the on-prem Orchestrator. Otherwise they would have to always be online to access our licensing server.

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Hi @ovi

Thank you for the clarification. What do you mean by “always be online to access our licensing server”?

Secondly for the given scenario above, could you suggest an alternative solution, we can not purchase 2000 attended named user or node locked licenses. it is beyond our budget.

For the Orchestrator installation, does the Infrastructure training on the RPA academy suffice or if you have a documented guidelines for orchestrator installation, could you kindly share it?

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