ComputerVision V2.0, Cloud, and new OCR. Read all about it 👻

Hello friends. We have some major news for you!

In the coming week we’ll launch not one, not two, but 3 major things!

• The first one is the V2 of ComputerVison activities. It includes some pretty sexy new capabilities, a new way of working with them, and various improvements and changes across the board. If you liked the first version, you’ll love this one.

So stay tuned.

• Next, we’re also launching the ComputerVison Enterprise Cloud, in addition to the current Community Cloud that is already available. That means that companies will also have access to this modern and flexible deployment option, for free :hugs:

The caveat is that all cloud users will have to be authenticated, including the Community ones.
In order to do that, you will have to sign in/up to Cloud Platform, go to the Licenses page, and copy the API key from the ComputerVision Service. Then, paste it in the API key in a CV Scope activity of your workflows. It will automatically propagate to all CV Scopes in the workflow.

We’ll come back with more details shortly, but wanted to let you know in advance that the current workflows that use the community Cloud will stop working until you add the now mandatory API key. No other change is required. (Later edit: more details here)

• And last but not least, we’re launching in beta the new Abbyy OCR Standalone. This brings two exciting things: first of all, it free; the other nice thing is it’s self-contained . It doesn’t require to have abbyy installed and licensed separately, all you need is the activity. So try it out and see what you think.


Awesome, Looking forward to see these updates.


Wow :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Thanks UIpath team for your hard work and keep on giving this newly features. Eagerly waiting to work with these new features.

Hi @ric2020 @Cosin

We are using 2018.4.4 version and i am not able to see any API key under licence tab.

Kindly confirm from which version we can able to see API key?
and 2018.4.4 version is supported for Computer vision or not ?

i am also facing Server API key is missing or invalid [401].
Kindly respond asap. @ovi @loginerror

In this case we can not use Computer vision activities version 2018.4.4 licence?
if it is possible can we a quick call regarding this, because i have to inform my client?

Best Regards,
Naveen Ch

If you’d like to use CV Cloud, you’ll need to create an account on Cloud Platform whether you use Orchestrator on-prem or cloud, în order to get the API key.


I’m so exited about this!
Any idea when the beta will be over? How can we send feedbacks about these activities?

Also, since this update is Big will there be a Lession explaining new capabilities?

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If I am already using Enterprises OnPremises Orchestrator, then how I am going to use Cloud Enterprise License. What are the steps I need to follow to map all On premises Orchestrator to latest Cloud Orchestrator one. Please advice!!!
@lukasziebold @PrankurJoshi @KarthikByggari @loginerror @badita @ClaytonM

Hi @manu.jaggi

The Orchestartor on the Cloud Platform is just a part of the Cloud Platform :slight_smile:

You can use the API key for Compute Vision provided by the Cloud Platform without using the Cloud Orchestrator :slight_smile:

In other words, continue to use your on-premise installation of Orchestrator and use our Cloud Computer Vision with it, simply by creating your Cloud Account and getting the API key from the Licenses tab.

@loginerror I already signup on Cloud paltform with the same emailId, but I am not seeing my Orchestrator in Services tab. Means I want to open my orchestrator from Cloud platform.
Please help!!!

awesome updates UiPath :clap: :clap:

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Thanks UiPath team …grate!! :heart_eyes:

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Great :smiley: Thanks UIPATH Team for the updates.

cheers :smiley:

Happy learning :smiley:

Thanks! UiPath team for updates…
All the very best…!!

Facing some issue with Microsoft Azure Computer Vision OCR to process the handwritten documents. to use this - we need to pass API key and End Point. While API key and end points generated for 7 days trial is working - the keys/endpoint generated for CV service on Azure dont work.

Please do note - Read Handwritten text activity work with Azure key also and issue is only happening with OCR.