Abby error

I have installed Abbyy FRE12 bundle package, but abbyy ocr activity is not working, still it shows following error:

@florinszilagyi, any idea?

I believe you are using the old Abbyy OCR activity.
There is a new activity called Abbyy Screen OCR.

I didnt get that activity… after installing abbyy bundle…

You don’t need to install the abbyy bundle.
You need to install UiPath.AbbyyEmbedded.Activities. This is a beta version and it’s available only on the beta feed. Make sure you checked Include prerelease

@florinszilagyi thank you… but still it’s not working for me.

It shows vcomp140.dll missing but after installing some microsoft vc++ also same error only…

Pls post exact versions of all packages, Studio, and windows