Computer Vision package not coming

I have added the night feed
But Computer vision activities package is still not coming.
Can anyone please help me on this?

Go to the Feed name, that was recently created and check IncludePrerelease and install UiPath.AI.ComputerVision.Activities package

I did that but still not visible

Starting with v19.10.1, the AI.ComputerVision activities pack has merged with the UIAutomation activities package. This means that the final version of the Computer Vision activities is 2.2.0, and, from there on, you can find the activities, docs, and release notes as part of the UIAutomation package.

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Thank you @Theepan.
I updated the package and CV activities came.

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@Deepak_M can you please check your UIAutomation.Actvities Version if that is less than 19.10 then please update it. Then you will get Computer vision in Activities

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