Installing Computer Vision Activities


I’m trying to install Computer Vision Activities but failed to install it.

I had uninstalled Uipath.Automation Activities and added a beta feed of “” in Package Manager.
Then checked Include Prerelease and searched UiPath.AI.ComputerVisionActivities.

But the CV Activities are not displayed in the Package Manger Section.

So anyone can please check the above issue.

@Palaniyappan @lakshman

Computer Vision activities are part of UiAutomation Activities.
All UIAutomation versions starting with 19.10.1 have CV activities:

With regards to feeds, you’ll find all packages either Official or Preview on the Official feed:

There is no need to use the old beta feed anymore.


But to install CV Activities, we need to uninstall UIAutomation Activities


That is not the case anymore. That was the case while the CV activities were available as beta.
Starting with 19.10, CV activities have been incorporated in UIAutomation and are part of our officially supported activities. So now, if you install any version of UIAutomation 19.10.1 or above, you will have Cv activities in your activities panell. Moreover, Studio 19.10 comes with UIAutomation as default package for any new project.
So, do not remove UIAutomation package if you want to use UIAutomation and CV activities :slight_smile: