Computer Vision Error 413


I am building and running EPIC automation and I have been facing this error on the first initial CV Screen Scope and cannot find the resolution to overcome this come. As soon the automation gets to the CV Screen Scope for EPIC login it Error’s out with the following error: The requested data exceeds the maximum payload accepted by the server. [413].

Did anyone face this similar issue before and what was the resolution?

hi vbhasin,

The Maximum request size: 4MB or 2 document pages. Maximum 10 requests per minute. Its the last line of the post. I’m guessing thats causing your error.

Hi bradsterling,

So you are saying Computer Vision can only accept maximum request size of 4 MB or 10 requests per minute? The API key we are using for the Computer Vision is 240 MP/Min which is equivalent 120 full HD images/min. Could that have reached its limit?

@vbhasin Ok sounds like you’re using a different endpoint than the public UiPath version.

Yes, it’s possible to have reached its limit.

Yes, we are aware of that the 4Mb limit is a bit too low, we’ll increase it soon. Hopefully this week.

Thanks for the update. I think this issue has been resolved from you end. I am not facing the same issue anymore.

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