You are calling the Computer Vision server too often


So I’m experiencing this issue with UiPath where it runs just fine but at random points during the program it just decides to either never click or miss a click which causes the robot to go to next step where it has to find a UI Element on another window or another page in the SAP client but since it never clicked or missed the clicked (one of the two, I’m not sure if it misses or just doesn’t click) the robot throws me an error about not finding the element. This issue is random and can happen at any time. It has happened after 1 minute or even 10 minutes it’s absolutely random, I tried messing with selectors and delays to see if it was too fast for SAP to load in everything but that was not the case. I’m using CV elements for this as it was the only thing that could detect buttons and text fields to my liking within SAP.

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Try playing around with “WaitForReady” property in click or any UI automation related activity like typing, clicking hotkey etc.

Did you try a simple Click Image?


Yeah, since the CV elements are connecting to a server I turned off the company firewall and it seems to work way better now, still some improvements needed but I’m sure I can figure that out. I’ll also look into “WaitForReady” like Jagdish2593 suggested.

So after about 100 loops / 222 it threw an error. “You are calling the Computer Vision server too often” Why is there a cap on this, I’m not sure how I’m supposed to continue my work if there’s limitations on how many times I can call the CV server within x amount of time.

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I’m also seeing “You are calling the Computer Vision server too often. [429]” It would be really useful to know the limitations around this knowing this i could delay my workflow steps.

I contacted their support directly but got no clear answer to what the limitations are around the CV server. Maybe you have better luck figuring it out.

Hi Dabar,

I believe that Computer Vision is still in the Beta stage and is not recommended to use it for live/production usage.

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That’s right it is infact in beta stage and that’s why I’m not using it in production :smiley: I had to figure out another way of doing it but it would still be nice to know the limitations of the CV server to experiment and work towards a production ready RPA solution.

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You can check on this thread. Seems it is possible make the Computer Vision offline.

Thank you! I’ll definitely look into that

Hi Dabar,
I’ve been advised its 15 calls per minute, hope this helps.

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Yes for the moment the cap is at 15 calls/min but the throttling mechanism will change during the beta period

Is this cap per robot or per machine or per ?

Per IP

Also please try the latest version (1.0.1) from the official feed and let us know if you still run into this issue.

Thanks, improvements have been seen. My biggest issue now is looking for messages or pop-up that might exist when they are not found.

I will try that update now.

After this update, not seeing any more of this error:
< You are calling the Computer Vision server too often. [429] >

but now experiencing high level of another error in CV activities that were previously working:
< UiPath.CV.ElementNotFoundException: Element not found >

This is occurring within AnchorContextAware activities for Anchor / Target activities that are valid before and after running in the workflow that is giving this error.




Hmm, so you’re saying that there’s a valid anchor/target pair, that works fine at design time and fails at runtime?
Are you sure the UI is the same in both situations?

What app are you automating?

Yes, UI is the same.

Since updating Studio to 2019.4.3 the error message have changed from [ You are calling the Computer Vision server too often. [429] ] to [ Element not found ] after the update. As I understand the change, now calls to CV server will not repeat if elements are not found as they did in previous versions.

This application is MEDITECH and accessed via VMWARE.