Computer vision activities suddenly started reporting error

Hi ,

I have not done any changes in my code but with uipath new studio update my CV activities started throwing this error “Error ERROR Validation Error ‘Image’ is an ambiguous reference between ‘UiPath.Core.Image’ and 'System.Drawing.Image” @ppr @JuveriaSiddiqui @MVP_2021
@Ishmeet_Bindra @irahmat

A class with the name Image is defined in two packages (UiPath.Core.Image, System.Drawing.Image). The error comes from the issue, that it cannot resolved from which namespace the Class Image is to take.

Some more details would help, but in general we can do following:

  • within code: use the identifier before Image
  • UiPath internal: do some checks on the diffeent CV Package versions, maybe it should be reported to the technical team.

can you please provide us some more details: which activity, validation ! icon screenshot… thanks

HI , It is CV Screen Scope activity. Here is the screenshot

give a try on using different variable name instead of Image. So it reduce the risk to colidatewith the Class name

The thing is , cv screenscope is not returing any image. what can I use in next activity then

let it blank and and check if it is passed internaly within the scope

Nope , on Blank it throws error that required argument Image was not provided.

Please also note that I do have c# based project not @ppr

Tried using a different name , no luck


Would also recommend to report it to UiPath as it looks internally within the implementation

@loginerror Can someone from staff look into it? Apparently this is some back end glitch

Thanks for reporting @Naveed_Hakim1

This looks to be a bug that we are already working on fixing. I’ll update this thread when the fix becomes available.

Hi ,

any update? it is still not fixed

The issue required a fix in UiPath Studio and will be live with the next Studio version. I cannot share the exact timeline, but I will keep updating this topic when I will know more.

So that means , people using community studio cannot use CV activities until next release?>

Hi @Naveed_Hakim1

A new build was pushed to Community yesterday which contains the fix to the issue above.

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I also had a same problem in OCR activities